Cockie was born in Breda, The Netherlands. She studied piano and viola at Conservatory Tilburg. For nearly 35 years she was violist in the symphonic orchestra ´Het Brabants Orkest´ and the chamber orchestra ´Het Brabants Kamerorkest´.

She had done photography very succesfull from her priveleged vantage point in orchestras and – still doing today – on many far journeys all over the world. She is living and still working for many years in Spain.

Characteristic: great fanaticism in the practice and experience of music, continuing in photography and sculpture.

   Her  photographs show places and people from different parts of the world multilateral and at the same time differentiated, made with a bright look. An other aspect of her artistic interest is her sculpture, abstract or figurative, done with the same intensity as the other ¨work¨.